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Date: Sep 2022

After extensive discussion with IGC, ESRF and stakeholders the Etchells Swan River Fleet have decided to schedule the 2024 Etchells World Championship regatta to be sailed March 2024.


Date: 23rd April 2021

Author: P Ahern

The Etchells Swan River Fleet has confirmed the November 2021 World Championship in Fremantle will not proceed due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid 19 Virus.   Alternative arrangements for an Etchells World Championship in Fremantle are under consideration and expected to be announced within weeks. 


Regatta Update: COVID-19

Date: 6th April 2020

Author: Chairman Rob Rooke

Your Worlds Executive Committee is monitoring very closely the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on our ability to run the event, both from the human and financial perspective.

Together with the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and the Royal Perth Yacht Club as joint Organising Authorities, the Fremantle Sailing Club which is providing our venue; the Etchells Swan River Fleet and Etchells Worlds 2020 Executive Committee are giving full consideration of all options related to the feasibility of the event in light of the current rapidly changing environment.


With the support of the Australian International Etchells Class Association, the Etchells Worlds 2020 Executive Committee has made the decision to review the position over the month of April and will next sit on 30th April 2020


In early May, the Executive Committee will provide further commentary in consultation with the International Etchells Association on the plan for the November 2020 Fremantle World and Australian Championships.


The Executive Committee’s primary focus has surrounded the:

  1. Risk related to surety of adequate international logistics, not only in Western Australia but your port of origin.

  2. Safety of members and volunteers at the event

  3. Lack of financial support due to the current economic environment

  4. Possibility that COVID-19 restrictions may still be in play


It is the Executive Committee’s intention to decide as soon as reasonably possible to minimise any inconvenience and mitigate any potential financial loss to Clubs, competitors and volunteers. The Etchells Swan River Fleet makes no representations or assurances that the event will be held as planned nor will it accept any liability for costs incurred in the interim.


It is important that competitors keep themselves well informed of their local regulations surrounding the movement of boats and people and keep in touch with the Etchells Swan River Fleet.


To assist the Executive Committee, feedback is invited from the wider Etchells community in relation to how likely competitors are to travel to Fremantle, should the travel restrictions be lifted in time.


The Etchells Swan River Fleet and Etchells Worlds 2020 Executive Committee requests your patience over the next month while the COVID-19 pandemic situation is thoroughly reviewed.


Stay safe and well.

Rob Rooke


Etchells Worlds 2020 Committee

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